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tv   [untitled]    March 26, 2015 7:30am-8:01am PDT

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that you also gave us, and commissioner bustos wasn't here when you gave the presentation here. he would love to see it. you also identified the residents, the percentage of san francisco residents by ethnic group. do you remember that report? i will send it to you. >> i'm sure i have it. i think it was at the very first presentation. >> yes. >> i certainly can provide that. >> yes, i believe it also has it by zip code and it was very interesting to see where the local workers were coming from, the zip code areas of the city and basically the jobs, who was hiring them essentially. >> correct. >> so i have that on my notes
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and will provide that going forward. >> i'm glad to hear the electricians union are doing more work in their apprenticeship entry requirement. that's great. yeah. those are basically my overall, i think it's a great report, thank you. the only other thing, i have it in my notes. i don't have any complaints that people aren't getting paid. i'm assuming people are getting paid. >> every now and then. >> even though we don't hear. >> every now and then i hear. >> every now and then are they getting paid? [ laughter ] >> every now and then i do hear. in terms of payments we are working on. i believe i mentioned when i first joined the agency what i feel was realistic
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was getting payment data what a contract was completed as opposed to the administrative burden of getting it on a monthly basis. at least a start that's where we are contemplating in terms of getting on track in terms of that payment analysis. >> great. >> i just want to make a small announcement that we are going to have an open house in oakland college. we have lots of very very good concession workers, computers, they are inmates, past inmates. and anybody who can contact them here to come there at 9:00. we'll have a breakfast and then after that you can talk to all the people you want to. >> when is this? >> on the 20th.
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>> friday? >> yeah. friday, the 20. >> can i just make one more comment? i just wanted to say nabo. national association of women business owners. there was an organization that helped the members nationwide to get certified because there are so many certifying agencies and so it was hard to navigate all of that. and i was wondering if you can outreach to them. >> i would be happy to. >> to find out how much of their members are actually certified and you know and the process that they go through. i can put you in touch with them. there is a strong san francisco bay area chapter and that was
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one of the things they were doing and delegated to the sister organization that helped them navigate the process and application forms and actually would do workshops on what documents you need, how to get qualified and what you need to be preparing ani will be happy to outreach. >> thank you. >> and i want to remind you in terms of outreach we have contacted and spoke with the northern california chapter of the national minorities contractors association. >> yes. >> we are more than happy to try to spread that word to whatever organization is willing to listen. >> thank you for this report. it's very thorough. i'm looking forward to the next one. >> yes. thank you. okay. there is no action on this item. please call the next item. >> the next order of business
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is 5 g work shop on marketing report for sales of homes on hunters point shipyard face 1. discussion. >> commissioners this is your request to see now that the homes both market rate and below market rate on the hill top, those homes are going in the inclusion and bmr side. representative from lanar as well as our sister agencies and the mayor's office of housing and community development. the shipyard project manager will start it off. >> good afternoon. it's exciting to tell you about the sales and
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this presentation is to tell you about the present designs before you and wanted to give an update of how things are going at the shipyard and some important aspects about it in terms of the affordable housing certificate lottery program. this presentation will address all of that. before we get to an overview of the presentation. i want to introduce the folks that will be doing the bulk of the presentation to you. if you can stand when i say your name. from the mayor's office of housing and community development i have aish and benjamin and from lanar, cheryl mckib on and dr. veronica honeycutt from our advisory committee. she left the building. but she was here. very good and from the
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san francisco housing development corporation sherrie powers one of the cpo supervisorsing the services in city 10 and supervisor as well. so lanar will give you information in terms of the marketing of the home sale and discuss the marketing efforts for the affordable units and the market rate units. for the homes marketed on block 50 and 51 under construction and 53 and 54 which have just begun their marketing. moc will discuss the certificate program and affordable housing program for the office of community investment and infrastructure under the memorandum of understanding that we have with them and provide their insights on that program.
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with that. i want to focus where we are on the shipyard. you can see the first 2 blocks, 50 and 51 combined with 80 units in the apartment building condominium and 25 town homes and altogether 53 and 54 about 160 units altogether where the areas of construction are. you have been to the shipyard and seen the construction. those units are being marketed. we have just begun 53 and 54. i think they have completely sold out of those units. i want to go to ms. mcgibbon to show her presentation. >> thank you commissioners for
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letting us come today and tell you what's going on. we are excited for what's happening. we are going over the areas that we have the knowledge of separately. unfortunately i don't know how much background you have and know so i'm going to do a very briefly so i'm not duplicating what might be boring and you can ask any questions you want. i'm going to start by letting you know that our focus started in 2013 on the marketing and branding. that's when we had to determine what strategy we were going to move forward with knowing that this is an existing neighborhood and redevelopment and that's when we started our branding of the community of the san francisco shipyard and candlestick. kand stick has not be branded yet and we
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are working on it shortly. as pointed out this is an overview of the hill top. this is what we've been doing rendering to help people understand what these are artistic rendering hopefully it will look very closely to what you have approved and formally with our project managers but this is an idea of what we are looking at overall. what i'm going to focus on today is the first 2 blocks that have been sold and the next two coming to market. as thor mentioned we are happy to put out a press release last week that we have sold out of our first two buildings, market rates and bmr. 5150 is olympia and town homes and 5150 is the merchant flats. we started to market those last june. we
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have not quite started marketing yet for 53 and 54. we'll tell you in an a little bit what's in store for that. we wanted to just briefly touch on candlestick even though a lot has not happened there yet. i imagine that you have heard about the partnership that we have with mace ridge so it's going to be a shopping mall and we aren intended that by 2018 we will have a mall in place and the first of the homes will be out there. we are excited about that candlestick stand-alone and serving the rest of the community. and then you probably recently seen the press releases. i think the mayor's office had yet another one today on the ground breaking and alice griffith and we are excited about that as well. so as i started to say earlier
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our strategy began basically in 2013 on what we were going to do to make sure that everyone would know about the shipyard. it's a location that as i'm sure you are aware that loolt of people since it was a naval base haven't been there before. we were getting the word out that thises going to be a new community and a new community in an existing community and we wanted to make sure that everyone had the opportunity to find out about it. we started out by putting together a downtown sales office that people could easily access. we started our campaign as letting people know that it was the san francisco shipyard because as we are all talking about today, san francisco residents are very excited about being part of san francisco and since this is an area of the city that everyone was not familiar with, we wanted to make sure that when people were doing google searches,
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they realized this was part of san francisco. that's when we rolled out our website and all of our social media to introduce this was coming. we did our official launch the first week in june. and that was where we went ahead and we did a formal website that talked about the first two buildings and what was anticipated overall for the community. we started with a press event to get the word out. we also had a community brokers event right away and brokers event for all of san francisco and that led into our grand opening of the first 2 blocks on june 7th. one of the things we wanted to point out is we keep emphasizing because it's very important to us as it is to you that this is a part of an existing community and we wanted to integrate into it so we did a lot of
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work with the community to fart ner with the community and we worked with local restaurants and local wine company and all of that. that is what is tied into our marketing and our events that are happening. and talking about events, it's the marketing and advertising that we've been doing is relatively untraditional in that we have not done a lot. we have some campaigns online which are google outwards that drive people to our website and we do a lot of events and education because we think that's important for people to understand what's taking place out there and what we are building and overcome some of the questions that they have wechlt not done any print advertising and we are going into more detail on the outreach
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that we have done for the below market rate and the certificate holders. we are doing a social media program, word of mouth and broker event to get the word out so people can visit the shipyard. i'm going to turn it over. >> good afternoon, commissioners, thank you for having us today. i'm going to talk through some of the outreach that we have done in the community and kind of the bmr also and we partner closely with the ocie and housing and development. we worked really closely with laush ann's office. our community office has been around the cac and a lot of work with fhc and events within the the community and existing
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events like black cuisine and being part of the community and having information about the home ownership opportunities and that will be there for the next 10-15 years and open house also which rolls into the targeted bmr which did our partnership with noh and cd and ocii. those are examples that we did on the ground and presented to the full cac and the full 2013 and when we first joined and we did a subcommittee a couple weeks later to go into detail about 50 and 51 which was what we had available at that time. we are going to speak about 54 which we'll go public early next month. we did
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workshops september 13th last year and we've had two this year in january and march with shfc again. at our workshop in september we had one participant and in january 15th and 20. and it's great to see people in the know about the opportunities out there. our workshop in april and september were coordinated and i will go over that with the next slide and these are a couple of examples of events as a home ownership presence. and then those are the two open houses that we had at the welcome center and those are part of the more targeted bmr targeting. so this is our more targeted
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bmr targeting an i think it's great, this is a project of some great magnitude and been really great to work with moh and oci eshs and their marketing that they do. so we ended up doing hybrid program that does more of the ddda and together combined the work they do really well in being able to target the information and the lead time which is what the dd a really stressed. we did a hundred for the lottery outlined and the second mailer to answer this moh inclusionary housing manual which stresses this and we were able to do that. this is more general outreach. we
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have a great partnership with the sun reporter where we are were doing biweekly editorials and we did targeted outreach to cup holders and we also ran ads in the publication outlined and in the market rates homes and those are publications aimed at minority and they have to be translated to the dominant language to the publication. and then we did some outreach with community based organization which worked quite closely with laush an and that focused on the district as a whole and worked at hunters view and the boys and girls club and the library. we did
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our first mailer in december 2014. we are anticipating having our lottery sometime in the summer. i think the ami having been released today and we'll start our pricing timeline and open houses and informational and more concrete information to the community and we'll be more than happy to share with you because it's really great what fcc does and preparing people to be able to take advantage of these opportunities. i spoke very fast. if you have questions later, please do. do not hesitate to stop me. >> she's much quicker at everything than i am. that's the beauty of young people. we thought we would talk a little bit about the statistics that you are interested in which is why we
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feel people are buying homes at the shipyard. did we lose our slide? as you probably all know the average price per square foot for new construction homes range between 1100 and $1200 a foot. at the shipyard we were giving people the opportunity to buy into the market. our first two buildings sold out averaged about $150 a square foot. which makes it affordable. when we looked at people buying out there was price. the only reason they came out was the pricing. what was exciting after that is when people were able to come out and see the vision and see what's part of the 750 acres and parkland and everything else we are putting out there they were able to understand what the location
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had to offer. as we went from beginning to end, we saw the focus. yes, prices is still the primary focus but the second is the location and what the community has to offer. just overall on block 50 we explained a little bit there were 25 town homes. the two bedrooms started in the mid-6s and 7s to low 9s. one bedroom $25 town homes. the two bedrooms started in the mid-6s and 7s to low 9s. one bedroom started in mid-400 and two bedrooms $50 we explained a little bit there were $25 town homes. the two bedrooms started in the mid-6s and 7s to low 9s. one bedroom started in mid-400 and two bedrooms in the mid-500. the numbers were in the high 7s. we hope to go to market with them in april. i can't give you an exact date yet but that's going to coincide with our first move ins. so it's going to be a very busy
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time at the beginning of april. we'll have our first move in at block 50 olympia and our parks from start to finish and we'll be releasing 53 and 54. so we touched a little bit on about who our buyers were and the reasons for them coming out to the shipyard. what we are hearing is that they are very excited about coming to a new age. they are not pioneers because it's an existing neighborhood but visionaries because they see where it's going. i'm going into a little bit of detail of who they are which will give you an idea that they are a very educated group and they know what's happening in
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san francisco and they are very excited to be part of it as they have watched the evolution of everything moving down through mission bay and dog patch and now to the shipyard. so the information that we gather is what you are seeing on this page. and as you can see 52 percent are married. we at this point very few homes have children which is actually what we anticipated because right now the parks aren't established yet but we think that will changeover time. 62 percent work in san francisco. most of the people live in san francisco. so they are coming from the area. the average age 34-48. most of this is what we had anticipated and then as we said primary reason is price and location. surprisingly high annual household income and as expected our
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biggest group is health care and tech and finance. they were first time buyers. that's exciting as well. now i'm going to turn it over to aisha. >> thank you, cheryl, good afternoon commissioners and director bohee, aish mayor's office of housing and community development. i'm the program manager and i would like to highlight the marketing efforts between ocrr and offices. between the three of us we have comprised this program and i would like to go over that with you. the program specifically outlines
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the requirement for our cop holders in conjunction with our office and the office that occurs at our office. with did a mailing in april and july and also an advanced notification period to submit the marketing plan. in addition to the vda there were our own marketing requirements to get further outreach in the community. as you know sfhbc is one of our partners. they actually provide a three community meetings specifically targeted under the community benefit plan to bayview hunters point residents one being in september as mentioned september 13th by july 2014 that was prior to the announcement to the general public in august of 2014. we provide one on one application
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assistance including credit building, financial planning and lending referrals. they are our non-profit that offers services in the city. we have another partner here who offer services in various languages and other communities outside of district 10. the affirmative and marketing obligations include advertising not just in print but paper form. the advertising was publiced with the different ethnic groups that we serve here in san francisco. and they included print ads, online ads and our e-mail blast which is up to about 15,000 subscribers. we actually sent out three e-mail blast over the 60-day marketing period just to get the outreach and keep the interest going. we did many before the open houses and workshops. also
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in addition the marketing requirement required specific outreach to our occupancy which i will go over more in terms of what the four occupancy were. as mentioned the bayview hunters point the cac being other groups such as the bayview library. the marketing period kicked off august of 2014, august 15th, to be exact and that ran through october 15th. traditionally over the marketing requirements it's a 4-day marketing period but lanar did the requirements and we were able to keep the interest going and give people a little extra time. it's worth noting in addition to the open houses to the welcome center downtown had a presence open monday through friday and the shipyard was open saturday and
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sunday. outside of the open houses people were able to walk in the office during weekdays or take a tour of property. our lottery preference. certificate of preference was the highest preference with most priority with certificates from the hunters point areas and western edition the ticket holders behind them. our second process was our rent burden or assisted housing those who are spending more than 50 percent on rent. a lot of them are doing that in the city unfortunately and those are public housing residents and people in public housing and section 8 housing. we have our tennants displaced through the withdrawal from the rental market. they will have traditionally a
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20 percent satisfy. so in this case there was 1 unit out of the nine set aside for lsf. for current san francisco residents meanings you are living here and not working here and the fourth the general public. if there is someone who lives accrue is the bay and works in san francisco they would go in that pool. so what did our target pool look like. here is a chart and it's in your packet. there are 9 units offered in ami. one studio, two one bedroom and went from 245 to $244 to 400. we saw total of 85 applicants. they are broken


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